Management population forms around 20% of your total team, by increasing their skills and motivation, positive impact will affect all organization

Working as manager can be challenging, Your leaders are responsible for managing the most valuable asset of your company - it's employees. We will help them to master this art and become great in leading their teams.

We have designed several training modules to work on key skills of Great Manager. If your organization has need for more specific themes, we will develop tailor-made course for you.


Educational presentations, Interactive working sessions, Learning new skills and approaches

  • "What is difference between Leader and Manager? What Do Successful teams do?" (4 hours interactive seminar)


  • "Taking time to free up time". Interactive session about where do leaders spend most of time on? How to free up time for most value adding activity? What to Start doing/Stop doing/Do Differently? (2 hours interactive session)

  • "Feeling Valued". Session about how to make our people Feeling Valued, what can we as leaders do (Acknowledge, Appreciate, Recognize) (4 hours interactive session)

  • "What is Employee Engagement  and how does it affect business results" What influences engagement, and where to start. (2 hours interactive session)

  • "Inspirational leadership", including recognizing individual leadership styles and learning how to interact with other "Colors" (1 day seminar)

  • "Matrix organization - ways of working". What is difference between standard and matrix organization. What are advantages and disadvantages, what ways of working in matrix organization. (2 hours interactive session)

  • "How to create additional profit by Innovation in your business". What does innovation mean for your business? Who should be innovative? How to make innovation as one of core processes in your company? (4 hours interactive session)

  • "Effective Performance Management and Constructive Feedback". How to translate your company objectives to individual employee objectives? What is your role as Line Manger in the process? How does a good performance meeting look like? How to provide constructive feedback? (4 hours session)

  • "Grow your Career". How to plan your growth? What are your strengths and ambitions? By end of the session you will have clear your individual growth and development plan. ( 1 day interactive session)

  • "Couching your Employees" What can you as Line Manager do to help your Employees to grow? How to lead a Couching Conversation? (4 hours session)

  • "Effective Business Partner (for IT, HR, Finance)" How can you become true Business Partner for your Commercial teams? (4 hours session)

  • HR Management functions overview (1 full day). Three layers of HR functions - Operational, Tactical and Strategic. HR program Cycle. What is role of HR and what is role of Line Manager. Introduction to key HR programs:

  • Compensation & Benefit. What is difference between Reward and Recognition? What needs to be taken in account when developing C&B  strategies

  • Learning & Development. How to assess training needs? How to develop a Learning Culture in organization..

  • Performance Management , How to ensure effective Performance review cycle?

  • Workforce planning. Different methodologies.

  • Competence Models. Why company need them and how to develop one.

  • Employee Engagement, how does it affect company business results. What are available methodologies.