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Real HR presence in your company, when you need it. There are times, when organization can experience a need for additional HR resources or specific HR expertise, that is not available in-house.

Our team is ready to support you with:

  • Development and implementation of new HR program or tool (like performance reviews, internal communication, digital HR solutions, talent and succession planning, recruiting standards, reward strategy, competence model, engagement surveys and other)

  • Taking organization through a change - implementing new strategy and culture, redesign of organization structure, restructuring, solving tense situations.

  • HR Due Diligence and Integration of new teams for M&A projects. We will help you to assess the talent capital of acquired business and to ensure key talents are transferred along. We will lead integration of new teams to ensure you achieve your expected business results.

  • Develop HR Analytics for your organization allowing you better workforce planning.

  • Support and Develop your HR teams. We will share our many years international HR experience to ensure you have modern and effective HR services.

  • We can be your HR team. Your organization doesn't have your own HR resource, but you experience a need to have support with your people agenda - we will be your HR team, when you need us.

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